Welcome to Sunshine Kids Day Out & Preschool!

Sunshine Kids offers quality, affordable Christian education for children ages 2-5 years. We offer a complete pre-K program as well as a day out option to meet the needs of any family. Our qualified and experienced classroom teachers are ready to welcome your child into a positive, safe, caring and uplifting learning environment. We are dedicated to providing an environment that educates the whole child, promoting emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual growth.

Our Teachers

Vicki Smith, Director

Ms. Vicki is the director of Sunshine Kids. She has a BS degree in secondary education and biology from SIU-C.  Vicki has over 19 years experience teaching preschoolers. She was a teacher in the two year old class at Sunshine Kids for 4 years before becoming director. Ms. Vicki has been the director for 5 years.

Leigh Sargent, Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Leigh teaches the Butterfly class. She has been teaching preschoolers for over 5 years and is dedicated to making learning fun and hands-on!





Paula Carmichael, Pre-K

Ms. Paula is a co-teacher in the Butterfly class.   She has been working with preschoolers for over 20 years in various roles.   She has been at Sunshine Kids for 8 years.





Susan Stubblefield, Two Year Old Teacher

Ms. Susan is a teacher in our Bumblebee class. She has a degree in Business from the University of Illinois and has been teaching preschoolers for over 18 years. Ms. Susan has been with Sunshine Kids for 7 years. Ms. Susan has been a children and youth volunteer at her church for many years. She also volunteers for Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri.

Kasey Bross, Pre-K/ 2 Year old Teacher

Ms. Kasey is a co-teacher in our Firefly class. She has been with Sunshine Kids for 5 years. Ms. Kasey has also been a volunteer with Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri as a troop leader and cookie manager for many years. She enjoys working with young girls and with our kiddos at Sunshine Kids!!



Abby Kowalik, 3 Year Old Teacher

Ms. Abby is going on her fourth year at Sunshine Kids.  She loves singing nursery rhymes, reading storybooks and teaching 3 year olds.  She loves her job!!





Michelle Chartrand, Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Michelle loves teaching Pre-K!  She has a degree in elementary education and has been in the classroom for 7 years.  She has been married for 21 years and has 3 daughters.  Her favorite things are the beach, Bush Stadium, and reading.



Pattie Paluczak, 3 Year Old Teacher

Ms Pattie is one of the best teachers in the world.  She is patient and kind and bakes the best cakes.  She loves teaching at Sunshine Kids and we love having her!

Patti Anderson, Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Patti graduated from University of Northern Iowa with a BA.  She has been married for 21 years with 2 teenage daughters.  She has been a stay at home mom for the last 18 years.  She also volunteered in her girls schools and was a teacher/children’s director for a women’s Bible study.  She has loved working at Sunshine Kids for the last year and a half.

Rebecca Lawrence, 3 Year Old Teacher

Ms. Rebecca is so happy to be the new Ladybug Teacher.  She has been working with preschoolers in various roles.  She has held a CDA certificate from the state of Ohio.  She has taught Sunday School and is looking forward to her first year here at Sunshine Kids Preschool.